Our Services

Software Design & Development

Ingemit’s specialises in providing a full range of outsourced software design & development services.We develop custom software applications and will assist you throughout the entire software development life cycle, including requirements management, systems analysis and design, training & support.Ingemit’s team is equipped with a wide variety of programming language tools and platforms. Our strong technical and problem solving abilities coupled with our focus on quality ensure that our services will meet and exceed your requirements.ia social networking websites.

Mobile App Development

Our team of developers are keen to work with new and exciting projects and will bring all our experience to bear to ensure that your project is a success.We develop applications for the latest generation of smartphone and tablet devices including the following devices and platforms:

  • iOS Application Development for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)
  • Android Application Development for Android Devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • Application Development for Windows Mobile Devices
  • Application Development for devices supporting J2ME

If you are looking to enable your content for mobile devices, our expertise in web and internet technologies means that we can uniquely advise you on all aspects of enabling content for mobile devices.

Database Applications & Systems

Ingemit has extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing a wide variety of database systems & applications.We have developed a large number of database applications ranging from hotel booking engine to pension control systems.From small data driven property websites, to large scale CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and HRM (Human Resource Management) systems, Ingemit has a proven track record in delivering successful database solutions.Whether you need to manage megabytes or terabytes and above, we’ve designed, developed and implemented database systems of all sizes, from relatively small property management systems to multi-gigabyte databases to manage terabytes of high resolution images and associated metadata.

Internet Services

Our website designers and developers have been designing and building websites for over 10 years. We are experts in all aspects of web and internet technologies, from HTML and XML to TCP/IP and SOA. Ingemit provides a full range of design, technology & support services in relation to internet and web solutions.Our strong software development skills coupled with our professional designers, uniquely positions us as a highly capable designer and developer of websites, web applications and internet applications.

Professionally Designed Websites

Are you looking for a high quality professionally designed website? Our expert designers will work with you to create a compelling and visually attractive website for your organisation.Whether you are looking for a simple brochure website or a highly interactive dynamic, data-driven website our team of experts will be able to advise and guide you, each step of the way.We are experts in all aspects of the website design from usability and accessibility to browser compatibility and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Search Engine Friendly

Not only will your site look visually appealing and be easy to use, but it will also be search engine friendly. We apply a number of best practice techniques when creating content for your website to ensure that your content will obtain the placement it deserves in all the major search engines.We can advise you on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to increasing your websites ranking in search engines.

Browser Compatibility & Mobile Devices

Our standards based approach to website design and implementation ensures that your website will be compatible and look as it should in all the latest standards compliant.

Web Applications

Ingemit’s engineers and developers have been designing and implementing web applications for over 10 years.Whether you’re planning to deploy your application publically on the internet, or internally over your corporate intranet or even if you wish to provide an extranet to your clients, Software Design has the experience and track record to ensure your projects success.

eCommerce Websites & Payment Processing Solutions

If you are looking to sell products and services online, Ingemit can provide you with an ecommerce solution that enables you to do business the way you want to.We offer a highly flexible range of options ranging from completely bespoke solutions (for specialised ecommerce or highly unique projects) to open source solutions.Whether you are a small business with one product or service, or a large organisation with thousands to millions of products, we will work with you to select an ecommerce platform that will meet your current and future requirements.

Social Networking Application Development

The rapid growth of social networking websites provides a new channel for businesses to engage with clients and customers.With nearly 1 billion users actively engaging with social networking websites such as Facebook, developing applications specifically for these platforms provides a huge immediate market for your company’s products and services.Social networking applications are easily distributed, installed, shared and used over social networking platforms.You may be considering the development of a social networking application to promote your company or existing goods and services, in which case, a compelling and viral application would be ideally suitable for this purpose.On the other hand, you may be developing a unique piece of software or providing a novel service, and wish to deliver this application via social networking websites.